In my previous post I dealt (as the greatest part of tech bloggers) with Google Android Developer Challenge.

I just discovered in the FAQ these lines, which upset me:

Who’s eligible to participate?

  • The Android Developer Challenge is open to individuals, teams of individuals, and business entities. While we seek to make the Challenge open worldwide, we cannot open the Challenge to residents of Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Sudan, and Myanmar (Burma) because of U.S. laws. In addition, the Challenge is not open to residents of Italy or Quebec because of local restrictions.

Looks like the bureaucracy in Italy is way too complicated:

Fabrizio Giudici (post 405849595839) writes:

You might wonder what are those “local restrictions”. Well, for my country:

  • prizes must be assigned in presence of a notary public and a representative from an acknowledged consumer association;
  • prizes that are not delivered (for any reason, including recipient not picking them) must be donated to some non-profit organizations, explicitly listed in the contest rules;
  • there are some papers to fill in and the contest must be registered to two different Ministries (you know, in Italy there are a lot of Ministries, sometimes it’s hard to understand who’s doing what) and to the State Monopoly Administration.

But above all:

  • the entity which is organizing the contest must guarantee in advance a security deposit “cash loan” (not sure of the translation here, but I hope you get the point) covering the whole value of prizes.

I’m speechless… absolutely speechless.